(PPC) Pay Per Click Management

Results-driven paid marketing campaigns for businesses

Results-Driven Google Ads Management.  No contracts.

At Digital Splendid, we believe in being totally transparent with our PPC Management pricing.  If you visit some of our competitor’s websites, you may encounter trouble finding their pricing.  We’ve laid everything out for you on this page.

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Pay-Per-Click marketing is one of the more popular advertising strategies for small and medium sized businesses.  The objective is simple; pay as least as possible for targeted visitors and clicks that have the potential to convert.  Targeted means you’re only paying for folks that are searching for your services, in or around your area.

For example, if you own a construction company in Dallas, Texas, you would bid and pay for search terms such as “construction company dallas texas“, “construction company dallas“, and so on.  When users plug in these search terms into Google, your website would be one of the first to show, at or near the top.

PPC listings usually appear at the very top, above the local maps results.  This gives you an edge over competitors as your listing and website will receive the most visibility whenever a relevant search term is plugged in by a user.

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Account Setup & Management

Once we’re ready to begin with your marketing campaign, we’ll help you set up your Google Adwords PPC account (if you don’t have one already).  We’ll then link up your account with our Google Agency account.  You’ll always have access to your account and will have the ability to login at any time, ensuring transparency and providing you the ability to always see what’s happening with your marketing campaign.

As we manage your campaign, we’ll keep an eye on performance and metrics.  We want to ensure you’re only paying for highly relevant traffic.  Some of the things we do on an ongoing basis include:

  • Decreasing bids on low converting keywords
  • Increasing bids on high converting keywords
  • Adding negative keywords
  • Conversion tracking configuration
  • Adding long-tail keywords
  • A/B testing of different ad copies and more


Our pricing is very straightforward and we don’t tie you down to a contract.

Set-up Fee:  $295 USD
Monthly PPC Management Fee:  $99 + 10% of monthly budget


How long does it take to set up a Google PPC campaign?

Initially setting up an effective PPC campaign can take anywhere from 2/3 days to over a week. It’ll depend on several factors including:

  • Amount of keyword and competitor research that is needed
  • Industry/niche
  • Number of keywords
  • Types of ads that will be set up
  • Changes or tweaks needed on particular landing pages
  • And more
What types of ads are included in your PPC management fees?

We set up and manage your search engine, remarketing, display ads and more.  Every business is different and we custom-tailor your marketing  based on what will bring the best results (highest ROI).  For example, some businesses may benefit from search engine ads, while for others it makes sense to set up search engine and remarketing ads.

What do we have control over when running a PPC campaign?

PPC allows us flexibility and control over just about everything, including:  daily budget/spend, ad schedule, locations, types of devices and more.

How effective are PPC ads?

A properly set up PPC campaign is highly effective for most businesses.  We see ROIs as high as 1000%+ for certain industries.  We only make money if you’re making money, so we ensure your campaign is always performing at it’s best.